Depression, Anxiety & Stress make you keep things to yourself, keep it all inside where you can only suffer.  This is not a good place to be.  You should always speak to the problem you have.  Make it known!  Share with others how you are feeling so you can get the help you need.  In 2017 there were several people who suffered from a mental illness but acted out their frustration and the results were not good.  "If you see something say something!"  It's universal! 

If you know or see someone that is going in cycles, has increasing anxiety or their stress level is over his or her head.  Speak out, let them know that they are not by theirself.  Most of the time that person will not even notice that they are feeling that way.  It may even seem normal, but, it's not normal!


Help you friend or family member to seek help.  There are counselors and mental health facilities all over that are just waiting to help you with any concerns or questions you might be having.   

Go to mhmattersmagazinelp.blogspot.com and join the "Speak" blog.  Share what's on you mind.  Everyone
needs an outlet so...."Speak."


By  Lisa Polnitz  
Editor Publisher/Mental Health Matters